Institut nord-ontarien de recherche et de développement


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Programmes de Recherche

  • Labour Force Analysis
  • Forestry Papers
  • Elliot Lake Tracking Study
  • Elliot Lake Adjustment Study
  • An Architecture School for Northern Ontario
  • Councillor’s Toolkit

[tab title="Chercheurs"]

David Robinson, Ph.D.


Président du Comité consultatif de rédaction, Sudbury Mining Solutions


Frank Stark, Ph.D.

Chercheur principal


Stan Sudol

Analyste des politiques


Sean O'Hagan, Ph.D.

Professeur agrégé, Université Nipissing


Sue Heffernan

Chargée de cours, Université Laurentienne


Heather Hall, M.A., B.A.,

Candidate au doctorat


Robert Segsworth, Ph.D.

Directeur, Centre d’étude du gouvernement local, Université Laurentienne


Ron Lange, Ph.D.

Professeur de science économique, Université Laurentienne

[tab title="Publications"]

Working Paper Series

The INORD Working Paper Series provides access to research on local economic and social development


Industrial Design Needs in the Mining Equipment Sector: a Preliminary Report
S. Gravel, d. Robinson


Art Arts, Economics and the Boreal Shield: A possible research program
K. Robinson, D. Robinson


Social Innovation as a Discipline: Agency and Scale
K. Robinson, D. Robinson


What Do Successful Communities Do?
D. Robinson


The Northern Ontario Bio-Energy Corridor: A 5-point Strategy for Economic Development in Northern OntarioPDF
D. Robinson


The Science of community forestry PART III: Problems with the Ontario Tenure System(PDF)
D. Robinson


The Science of community forestry PART II: The Simple Theory of Forests with Joint Products
D. Robinson


F. Haavisto


D. Robinson


Speaking for Ourselves: A Colombia – Canada Research Collaborations.
G. Broad, J. Agustin Reyes


The Elementary Economics of Forest Tenure
D. Robinson


Economic Futures for the Northeast Superior Forest Communities Facing Climate Change pdf.
D. Robinson


Assisting Business Start-ups in Northeastern Ontario: A Collaborative Approach
R. LeBrasseur, JT. Zinger


The Transition to Non-Traditional Exports for Mining Communities: What to Expect -- Tourism, Education, and Retirement Services
D. Robinson


Women Into Mining Jobs at Inco: Challenging the Gender Division of Labour

J. Keck, M. Powell


The Mining Supply and Service Sector: Innovation Policies and the Delivery Gap.
D. Robinson


BACK TO THE FUTURE: Is Canada becoming a Hewer of Wood and an Drawer of Water Again? The Jennifer Keck Lecture on Social Justice.
J. Stanford


Miscellaneous Presentations

INORD makes available presentation given by INORD associates on issues related to economic and social development in Northern Ontario


The Walter Gretsky Effect: Sudbury's Prospects in 2005. Dr. David Robinson discusses Sudbury's prospects in 2005. This is a powerpoint presentation for an Economics Department Seminar at Laurentian January 31, revised 2005. It is a version of the presentation given to Annual Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Outlook Luncheon, December 10, 2005

D. Robinson


A New Northern Enlightenment Speech to the annual General Meeting of the Northeastern Ontario Chamber of Commerce, November 9, 2002, by Dr. David Robinson of Laurentian University's Department of Economics.

D. Robinson


Cluster evolution: from “in itself” to “for itself”: Observations from Sudbury’s Mining Supply and Service Cluster. Prepared for  the Annual Conference of the Innovations Systems Research Network, Vancouver, May 11-13, 2004David Robinson, Laurentian University May, David Robinson, Laurentian University May, 2004

D. Robinson


Cluster Theory for Community Futures:Lessons from the ISRN Study of Cluster Development.

Presented to Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations Inc.(OACFDC) June 13, 2003

D. Robinson


 The Dog that Didn't Bark

D. Robinson


Report on the Sudbury Economy, October 2001

D. Robinson


Adventitious Adjectival Ambiguity: Deconstructing Social Capital Definitions. Presented to the CRSA Annual Meetings Laval University, May 2001

D. Wilkinson


L’Encouragement parental pour la poursuite des études postsecondaires dans des écoles nord-ontariennes

D. Wilkinson, F. Galipeau-Belair


A Plethora of Social Capitals. Presented to the New Rural Economy Spring Workshop. Mount Allison 2001,

D. Wilkinson



Presented to the Ontario Good Roads Assoc./Rural Ontario Municipalities Assoc. Conference

D. Wilkinson