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Strategic Management

This capstone course covers the concepts of strategic analysis, and major steps of strategy formulation and implementation in organizations, while respecting principles of ethical and socially responsible business behaviour. The course analyses organizational structures, processes, strategies, and financially sound long-term recommendations for an innovative execution of local and global strategies. PREREQ: At least 90 university credits obtained including completion of ACCT 2011, MKTG 2006 or 2001, HROB 2002, FNCE 3006, OPER 3006. Students registered in H.B.Comm. SPAD may replace MKTG 2006 or 2001 by SPAD 2036 or 2037. Students may not retain credit for both MGMT 4033 and any of the following: COMM 4006 (MGMT 4031), COMM 4007 (MGMT 4032) and COMM 4005. Students must be registered in a program within the Faculty of Management. (cst/exp/lec 3) cr 3.

Business Administration