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Humanist Issues-Comm. Practice

Humanist Issues in Commercial Practice encourages you to understand the social, cultural, and philosophical traditions of commercial life and enterprise - then and now. The course provides an account of when and how "transactions for value received" (otherwise known as value exchange) first entered written human history and developed through modern times. It deals with commercial exchange and economic thought from biblical and classical times to the present day. You will be introduced to the Judaic, Buddhist, Christian, and Islamic Wisdom literature and to their impact on medieval philosophic ideas of commercial and distributive justice. You will also study a wide spectrum of Western writing from the sixteenth century onward, coming to appreciate how many of the ethical questions and humanist principles of commercial interaction had their origins in early religious and philosophical thought. (6 cr) Students cannot retain credits for both COMM 4405 and MGMT 4105.

Marketing and Management