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Programmes de recherche

Dans le passé, l’IMS a accompli toute une série de projets de partenariat avec Gatorade, effectué une étude intitulée « Sponsorship Landscape Study » pour le CSF et contribué à l’Encyclopedia of Sports Marketing and Management, à une étude de l’expérience étudiante dans les établissements postsecondaires, à une étude des services d’alimentation sur le campus et à une étude sur l’appui des supporteurs et le rendement de l’athlète.

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Ann Pegoraro, B.A., Grad. Dip., MBA, PhD

Directrice, IMS



Tyler Aird



Steven Ayer



Pierre Huneault



Bridget Leonard



Chris Pirie



Jeremy Rody



Anne Parisé



Scott Gauvreau



Nick Hodge


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Pegoraro, A. (2009) Women’s brands and sponsorship, Guest Editorial, Journal of Sponsorship, Vol 2 (4)

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SportLink and ISM Partner to study economic impact of sport events. Currently the ISM and SportLink are teaming up to investigate the economic impact of sport events in the Greater Sudbury area. This project will also provide insight into events to target for the future. ISM is very pleased to be working with such a strong community lead group like SportLink and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the growth the sport industry in Greater Sudbury.



One of the ISM’s current primary research focuses is the Gatorade partnership project. In July 2008, the ISM signed a contract for a 36-month research partnership with Pepsi-QTG (Canada), to complete research projects with a specific focus on the Gatorade brand family. Pepsi-QTG, SDI Marketing, and the ISM are collaborating to further develop knowledge and best practices for students and future practitioners of sport marketing and sponsorship. The key to this development is the research-based approach that the ISM can provide.