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Des étudiants de génie de la Laurentienne entrent dans l'histoire

Les équipes junior et senior de l’École Bharti sont victorieuses à la Compétition canadienne d’ingénierie

The School of Engineering Bharti Laurentian University makes history with its junior and senior design teams, who won the Canadian Competition 2015 engineering presented in St. John's, Newfoundland. The results were announced Saturday night at a banquet awards at Memorial University. 

This victory comes in the wake of the Ontario Engineering Competition last month during which the junior and senior teams ranked first and second, have qualified to represent Ontario in 2015. The national contest 'Laurentian junior design team consists of: Aidan Simpson, Colin Roos, Matthew Bennison and Stephane Labine. The members of the senior team are: Caitlin Roos, Jasmin Lemieux, Francis-Louis Tremblay and Philip O'Connor. 

"This achievement is truly exceptional moment for Laurentian University and the School of Engineering Bharti said Dr. Ramesh Subramanian , Ph.D., director of the Bharti School of Engineering. For the first time in the history of our university, we had the junior and senior design teams represent Ontario at the national level that year, and delivery we absolutely inspired.

The competing teams objected in the following categories: Engineering communications, Engineering consulting, innovative design, Design junior, extemporaneous debate, Re-engineering and Design senior. 

 "The engineering program is featured at Laurentian and its significant growth program over the past six years has now reached 700 students from the undergraduate to PhD, said the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Mr. Dominic Giroux . Students and teachers have really distinguished and we are very proud of radiation that our institution continues to benefit from them.

Students from Laurentian Bharti School of Engineering have distinguished themselves in many provincial, national and international. They won the Canadian Mining Games more often than students in any other Canadian university. In 2011, the team of Laurentian won the competition for lunar robots NASA with its concept of remote-controlled lunar-mining module. 

The Canadian Engineering Competition was held at Memorial University in St. John's from 5 to 8 March 2015. This is an annual competition involving more than 170 of the best and brightest engineering students across Canada. Aims to broaden and advance the development of our future engineers, the competition is designed to encourage competitors to become innovative and creative engineers who always take account of environmental, social and economic decisions. 

More information on the Ontario Engineering Competition and the Canadian Competition 2015 engineering respectively included in www.oec2015.ca and www.2015cec.ca

Junior Design Team     Senior Design Team