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La Laurentienne renforce le leadership en matière de formation autochtone en améliorant les cours offerts

À compter de septembre 2017, on ajoutera six crédits de cours à contenu autochtone aux exigences du baccalauréat ès arts.

May 26, 2016 - Laurentian University has announced new requirements affecting the structure and content of its degree programs of Arts. As of September 2017, we will add six credits of Aboriginal content requirements of the BA to promote understanding of the history, cultures and indigenous realities in Canada.


"Laurentian University is central to Aboriginal education in northern Ontario and takes its role in the reconciliation process, said the Associate Vice-President for education and indigenous programs, Sheila Shore Meek, PhD Laurentian is a business-oriented culture that warmly welcomes Aboriginal students and opens the way to thought and indigenous cultures for members of the student body and faculty from diverse backgrounds. "


Laurentian is committed to strengthening its leadership in Aboriginal training modernizing curricula to reflect the history and indigenous realities and promote enriching intercultural contacts between Aboriginal students and immigrants. "We now offer hundreds of courses that include more than 50% of Aboriginal content, added Ms Coté-Meek, and currently developing others. "


The Faculty of Arts from Laurentian University has a stronger critical mass of Aboriginal faculty members with tenure or holding a position leading to tenure. Recently, Laurentian has undertaken the construction of the Centre for Indigenous Sharing and Learning, physical representation of its commitment to Aboriginal education. The center will be a space in which academics, students and community members can participate in the social sciences and humanities research projects and strengthening innovative capacity in support of Aboriginal communities. In accordance with the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Centre serve as a platform for "promoting understanding of reconciliation".


"We are proud of the great work done by the Faculty of Arts to integrate Aboriginal content in its programs and courses, expressed the vice-president academic, Robert Kerr. The new requirement approved by the Senate will ensure that more people graduating from Laurentian have a good understanding of the history and native cultures. "