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Le professeur Dean Millar est nommé éminent conférencier de l'ICM

Des honneurs pour le professeur de génie à la Laurentienne, et le directeur du GEERGC

June 5, 2015  - Mr. Dean Millar , professor at the Bharti School of Engineering and Director of the Group energy, renewable energy and carbon management in MIRARCO, received the distinguished title of lecturer awarded by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum ( ICM).


Mr. Millar is one of five winners of this award honored at CIM's national gala held at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal last month. ICM eminent speakers are selected based on their achievements in scientific, technical, management or teaching in areas related to the mining industry; they intervene at meetings of sections (local or international) or student sections of the ICM in the country.


Mr. Millar is a leading researcher on energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy in the mining sector. Its communication to the Eminent Speakers Program ICM, The Road to 40% mine , explores the technologies ready for commercialization and mining innovations that can support the reduction of 40% of primary energy consumption by 2040. mining is a major consumer of energy, on average, account for almost a fifth of the operating costs of the Canadian underground mining.


The price of the ICM reward the contributions of Mr. Millar looking on energy management in mining. "I am very honored and accept this award with pleasure, he said. It reflects the valuable contributions of all those working in the energy group, renewable energy and carbon management. "

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Mr. Dean Millar is Director of Group energy, renewable energy and carbon management in MIRARCO and professor of energy in the mines to the Bharti School of Engineering at Laurentian University. Fellow IOM 3 , a bachelor's degree in mining engineering and a doctorate in geomechanics of Imperial College, concurred energy manager. He serves on the Executive Committee of Maintenance, Engineering and Reliabilty Society (SEA) of the ICM and is responsible for the theme of energy for Ultra Deep Mine Network.


First teacher in geomechanics at Imperial College in 1998, it is the Camborne School of Mines he was interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In July 2010, he arrived at MIRARCO / UL to develop a research program to reduce the energy footprint and carbon mines, program that includes mine cooling, energy storage, optimization energy and integration of renewable energy.

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