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Un professeur de la Laurentienne reçoit une subvention de 1 650 000 $ du CRSNG

M. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde dirigera un projet de formation à l’intention des professionnels en conservation

April 18, 2016  - A team led by Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, Ph.D., at Laurentian University, received a grant of $ 1.65 million under the CREATE program of the Natural Sciences and in engineering Canada (NSERC). Funds will be used to a new training program for professionals in conservation zoos / aquariums and their partners in conservation.


Mr. Schulte-Hostedde holds the Canada Research Chair in Applied Evolutionary ecology and biology professor and founding director of the Centre for Research on the evolutionary ecology and conservation ethics (Creece) at Laurentian University.


"Species are disappearing rapidly around the world, said Mr Schulte-Hostedde, and zoos and aquariums play an important role in mitigating the loss of biodiversity. There is a growing need for professionals in conservation have the analytical and practical skills required to conduct conservation research both in captivity than in the wild and this project is an excellent opportunity to improve the conservation and research capacity recognized zoos and aquariums. "


The funded project, entitled ReNewZoo, provide training in research related to conservation by using the resources of five zoos / aquariums large in Canada where research is casting agencies and zoos / aquariums in Canada (CAZA) and in the United States (AZA). It is expected that the six-year project strengthens and supports zoos and aquariums in the future, which will adopt critical strategic objectives of research and conservation. The team led by Mr. Schulte-Hostedde consists joint applicants Lesbarrères David, Jacqueline Litzgus and Gillian Crozier, and collaborators Brett Buchanan and Chantal Barriault.


"This prestigious grant from NSERC has recognized the pioneering research in evolutionary ecology and conservation carried out by a team of excellent research at Laurentian University under the direction of Mr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, said Mr Wang Rui, Ph.D. ., Vice President, research at Laurentian University. Her research project has a global reach and is open to the future, this could change how zoos and aquariums perform their roles in the future. "


Funding for Schulte-Hostedde among thirteen grants announced by Mr. Greg Fergus, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. In all, ten Canadian universities will share in excess of $ 20 million in grants CREATE program (oriented training novelty, collaboration and research experience), created by NSERC to improve coaching and training Canadian researchers by supporting vocational skills, communication and collaboration while providing relevant experience in the academic research community and non-university.